Doom-scrolling hiatus

Well, I decided to take a break from Facebook this July, as I did in 2020. But I kept reading Twitter several times a day — I don’t post much there but I do follow a lot of news sources. But I think I need a break from the doom-scrolling. So off goes Twitter to join Facebook in deleted-from-my-devices land! I’ll read some real content on the Atlantic, Vanity Fair, and the Washington Post, and perhaps get back into (This Week in Tech).

Tuesday Ride

Looked like rain this afternoon, but it cleared up by around five pm so I decided to go for my regular weekday ride, about 22 miles down Beach Drive and back via Ross Drive, Broadbranch, and through Chevy Chase Section Four and Bethesda back home.

Weekday 22 mile loop

Today I’m trying out posting from my phone, grabbing a few screenshots and a photo and writing a bit of text, all in preparation for a longer bike trip later this month.

Today’s ride stats

To help prepare for the trip I’m shooting for about 100 miles a week. This week I got in an extra ride on the holiday weekend.

Weekly stats

Lots of deer and rabbits out on these warm Summer days. Here’s a friend from today.

Deer along Beach Drive checking me out.