360 Camera Experiments

Starting to prepare for my bike trip (Passau to Wien along the Danube), so I’m trying some experiments with my Insta360 One X2 camera.

For today, I rode my usual ‘longer’ route, down the Beach Drive/Rock Creek cycle trail and back up the Capital Crescent trail. It was a bit cloudy this morning and the recent (torrential!) rains left quite a bit of mud and detritus on the road and the cycle trail.

Downed tree along the Capital Crescent trail. There was a newly-trod narrow path around the side (left side of photo)

Here’s the first video, a short sequence along the Georgetown waterfront by Key Bridge. 360 cameras take video in all directions at once, and you can reframe, pan, and zoom in the editing app after the fact. Some of the effects can be a little dizzying, but it’s fun to try to make interesting shots.

Cycling around the Georgetown waterfront.

Next up is a segment along Beach Drive. Here, the camera is mounted on my helmet, for a drone-like vantage point. You can see the mud on the road from what must have been quite a flood in Rock Creek.

Muddy Beach Drive

The last video was taken along K Street NW under the Whitehurst Freeway, ending with a view of Rosslyn and the Key Bridge. There’s a really bad, old joke about Jimmy Carter and Key Bridge, Rosslyn, etc. But I’ll spare y’all.

K Street NW

Finally here are a couple of photos from the One X2. They’re based on the same 360 shot, reframed and lightly adjusted for better exposure/contrast.

Key Bridge. One X2 photo.
Panoramic shot from the One X2. Full Image

Next up, perhaps some low-light shots or music?