Clock Saga

So when I moved to my office several months ago, I asked for my clocks to be hung on the wall, and the labels from my prior office to be hung below them. It is now months later, and

  • Clocks have no labels (we wrote city names under each clock using the white board as a workaround)
  • Every minute hand points a different direction
  • No clock shows the time in any listed city
  • Several clocks have stopped

I’ve kind of given up on the clocks, so today we created “What’s My Time”, an exciting new game. To Play:

  1. Look at clocks
  2. Enter # of clock for each city in the box provided
  3. Ha Ha! They are all wrong!
  4. You Lose!

We also added the “Mystery Bonus Clock” in the envelope:

Not really sure what it is for, but it’s at least an alternative to doing nothing about the clocks.