Noodling with a bit of audio gear

Had some fun tonight playing around with audio and midi gear.

First step was to repair the plastic overlay for the led display on my E-mu Xboard 49 midi controller. Had to disassemble it and glue a little shaded piece of plastic in place.

Some midi gear. The Xboard 49 is to the right.

Once the Xboard was squared away I played around a bit with Syntronik for iOS, configuring knobs etc. Fun!

Next up was practicing some scales and improv forms over two chord backing tracks.

Practicing lead with some Santana chords.

Here’s another lead practice- Moondance chords.

Practicing some leads

After the electric fun (AmpliTube via a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and the Fender amp pack), I decided to give “Blowin In the Wind” a try.

Key, timely line:

How many deaths

Will it take

‘Til he knows

That too many

People have died…

And the real answer is, this many.  Far too many, to date.

Definitely need to work on the audio mix…

Edit: here’s a different mix  better?

A few more photos – capture the flavor of the room.

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