Screen Sharing

Today I tried out the Skype “group video” feature, and it works pretty well. It has, however, one serious drawback — in anything other than a 1:1 conversation, Skype’s screen sharing feature is disabled.

In casting about for a solution I found (or remembered a reference to) allows screen sharing with upto 250 (!) other people, lets you grant control of your screen to them, and starts up a (toll call) teleconference bridge for everyone to use. All for free!
Highly recommended!


View from seat 1A.

Boarding was the typical IAD A-terminal mob scene. Today's special? Boarding two flights, not just via one gate (very common at the IAD A gates), but by only one of the two doors. Already one girl fled this plane after discovering that it was bound for DFW, not ELM!

I think if I were to end up going to the wrong city, other things being equal, I'd rather end up in Dallas than Elmira!