Time for a break?

For a long time now (years! more than a decade!) I’ve been posting various things to Facebook. I like seeing posts from friends – everything from dear friends with whom I’ve had decades-long close friendships to former coworkers – I’m genuinely interested in seeing what folks have gotten into in terms of life, career, family, and the like.

But ultimately Facebook derives revenue from clicks and traffic, and the thing that really drives clicks and traffic is controversy – hate speech, modern day MAGA-tribal crap, and the like.

That’s why I’m taking a complete sabbatical (moratorium?) from Facebook for the month of July. I won’t pretend like this is some real or significant sacrifice on my part, only that we can all use a break from electronic things, glass screens, blinking red lights calling us to just one more action, just one more email, just one more document… every day.

So, be all that as it may, follow me here or not – just do what you feel like doing!



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